Open-End-Ed was a self-organized learning group based in Chicago unsteadily orbiting around issues of visual culture and the contemporary condition with a long-term purpose and curriculum decided by its participants. Comprising of readings, practical workshops, lectures, and field-trips surrounding themes chosen and curated by the group, initially within the context of art and design but not limited to either, it aimed to be a place where participants could explore self-learning and collectively create a platform for critical thought, research, and exchange.

This website is automatically generated from an channel, which was a reflection of the group's in/outputs, and is now inactive.

Forest is one entire mushroom, and what protrudes is just the fruit of the mushroom
Open-End-Ed (end)
"...freely available knowledge is the enemy of a competitive market"—Aeron Bergman, Alejandra Salinas from "Telepathy 传心术"
“In asking the question I already have a part of the answer”